MMC.exe stops responding for up to 5 minutes during AD GPO browse / edit - II

MMC.exe stops responding for up to 5 minutes during AD GPO browse / edit - II

Post by Lehman's O » Fri, 18 Jun 2004 04:12:36

Editing GPOs on our Windows 2000 SP4 Server (Active Directory) takes up to
15 minutes, for example:

- Click on the "plus" sign to expand the "Windows Settings" folder
- Wait 5 minutes for the folder to expand
- Open "Folder Redirection", right click on "My Documents" and click
- Wait 5 minutes for the properties window to appear
- Make a change and save/close the window
- Wait 5 minutes for the settings to be saved and the window to close

When attempting to logon to the server from a Windows 98 PC while the GPO is
not responding the logon script often freezes as well.

I have seen KiXtart crash when the server is too slow to respond during
logon script processing.

Also have seen this cause problems for people using Outlook where the .pst
file is on the server

There have also been occasional reports where the file server performance is
less than adequate, though there are only about 6-7 computers using this
server for file storage at this point. Not able to pin-point if this
relates or not.

[Other notes that could relate]
- The server CPU utilization does not go to 100%, but acts perfectly normal
(that being around 1% most of the time.)
- I am able to browse the Local Computer Policy without trouble.
- If I open a new MMC from my local machine (runas
/user:domain\administrator), I am able to add the GPO object that I need to
edit and browse it without any freezes.
- In other words, this problem ONLY happens when I edit a GPO while working
on the server (either at the console or via Terminal Services).
- I have been unable to find anything about this "issue" anywhere, though I
remember reading something about Service Pack 4 causing problems for some
people, but no one has mentioned this specific issue.
- Had MS Client and Gateway Services for Novell installed for a while, but
it has since been un-installed. (Problem existed when it was installed as

[Things I've tried]
Tried contacting Dell via e-mail, but they responded that this is an
"advanced" Windows problem, which would apparently require payment to help

Posted over 5 times to the Dell Forums with no response so far.

Tested Windows 2000 with Service Pack 2, then Service Pack 3, and then
Service Pack 4 using Microsoft Virtual PC Trial and discovered that none of
those versions have this problem. (The Virtual PC trial was run on my local
Windows XP Pro machine.)

[Hardware Details]
Make/Model: Dell PowerEdge 600SC
Processor: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Hard Drive: 2 73 GB disks, mirrored
Partitions: c:\ = 12 GB; D:\ = 56 GB
NIC: Intel(R) PRO/1000 MT Network Connection

[Software / Configuration Details]
... See Below ...

[*** Questions ***]
Has anyone else experienced this?
Any suggestions on how to correct the problem?
Is it a specific problem with Windows 2000 on Dell PowerEdge 600SC?
Is it an issue with Service Pack 4?
Could it be related to file serving performance issues with the same server?

If any additional information would be helpful please post a reply.

[To Test / Try]
- Update test Windows 2000 SP4 setup in MS VPC Trial with the same updates
applied from Windows Update.

[Software / Configuration Details]
Windows 2000 SP4 came pre-installed from Dell

Network Co