IE6 fails to re-open a second time after closing

IE6 fails to re-open a second time after closing

Post by Joe » Fri, 05 Sep 2003 14:54:20

Here is a little more info on my problem that I wasn't
clear about the first time around. My troubles begin when
I close IE6 and attempt to re-open it and browse again.
Since I have DSL, no autodialer box ever appears (so I
don't think the autodialer is the problem). When I open
IE6 for the second time (without rebooting), my home page
comes up but is totally non-functional (ie. I'll click on
a button, the timing bar graph below starts going
EXTREMELY slow, then a box comes up asking me if I would
like to "work off-line" or "try again?". If I reboot, my
computer is back to normal as long as I don't close IE6.
This problem is definitely related to IE6 only. I know
this because if I launch (live music stations)
or (live poker games), both need the net to
function properly, they come up almost instantaneously and
work at full speed with no problems at all. In fact, I
can close and open these two sites repeatedly with no side
effects. Maybe this extra bit of information will help
someone solve this irritating problem for me. I would
appreciate any help out there. Thank you.

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