IE6 stops responding when not attached to home wireless network!

IE6 stops responding when not attached to home wireless network!

Post by TmljayBMdW » Tue, 08 Aug 2006 10:30:01

I have a strange problem. My clients computer works fine when connected to
there wireless network at home. But when they go to there office or to a
another location IE hotel, another office etc. Either thru their wireless
card or thru the ethernet port. Internet explorer will launch and pull up
there home page no problem but if they try to go to or any where other than the home page it hangs up. Sometimes
if they are patient and wait 20 minutes or so it will finally pull it up. If
they use yahoo search for websites ie americanexpress, or whatever it will
work searching for sites for no problem.

The network settings are set for obtain ip settings so I know it is not
that. I just cant figure it out.

I have run norton utils, registry mechaning etc. They have all current
updates nothing left to install. Only thing installed is MS Search with
tabbed browsing. They have several pages that load tabbed and all of them
come up.

any suggestions.

I have done a basic PM on IE6. cleaned temp files, cookies, history etc.

Any help would be appreciated.
Also I have installed firefox on the systema and it works fine. No problems
with it they can browse all they want.