printing high resolution images

printing high resolution images

Post by Matt McLea » Wed, 16 Jun 2004 10:56:01


I am trying to print high resolution images from within internet explorer
The issue is of course that these high resolution images are very large in
the browser (span more than on page vertically and horizontally). Large
enough that change from portait to landscape views is not sufficient.

Instead I would like to scale the image to 'fit to page' while printing.
I can't find a function in internet explorer to allow me to do this... is
it possible?

I can resize the image using simple heigh/width attributes or style
filters such that it displays on screen smaller, however when printing
this does not maintain the high resolution aspects of the image... it
prints at the quality displayed on the screen.

Any help would be appreciated... even if it's pointing me towards an
activeX control that can perfrom the task of printing 'fit to page'



printing high resolution images

Post by svija » Wed, 16 Jun 2004 14:07:27


You can resize the image in IE by following the steps in the KB article
given below:;en-us;306917&Product=ie600


How to Use the Image Toolbar and Automatic Image Resizing Feature in
Internet Explorer 6

This article was previously published under Q306917
This article describes how to use the Image toolbar and the Automatic Image
Resizing feature in Internet Explorer 6.
By default, the Image toolbar and the Automatic Image Resizing feature are
enabled in Internet Explorer 6. You can disable the Image toolbar and the
Automatic Image Resizing feature by using the Advanced tab of the Internet
Options dialog box, or a corporate administrator can do so by using the
Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) version 6.0. Web page
authors can also disable the Image toolbar for entire Web pages or
individual images on a Web page.
Image Toolbar
You can use the Image toolbar in Internet Explorer to quickly and easily
save pictures, print pictures, and send pictures in e-mail messages or view
all of your saved pictures in the My Pictures folder. When you point to
pictures in Internet Explorer, the Image toolbar appears to provide you
with instant access to My Pictures functions.

NOTE: The Image toolbar does not appear for all images. The image must be
at least 200 by 200 pixels and not part of an image map or a background
image. Web page authors can also disable the Image toolbar for images that
are embedded in a Web page. For additional information about why the Image
toolbar may not appear when you point to pictures in Internet Explorer,
click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft
Knowledge Base:
303473 Image Toolbar Does Not Appear Over Image in Internet Explorer

The Image toolbar includes buttons to save an image, print an image, send
an image in an e-mail message, or open the My Pictures folder.

NOTE: The Image toolbar commands are also available when you right-click
any image, even if the Image toolbar is not displayed for the image. To use
the Image toolbar commands after you right-click an image, click Save
Picture As, E-mail Picture, Print Picture, or Go to My Pictures.
How to Enable or Disable the Image Toolbar
In Internet Explorer, click Internet Options on the Tools menu.
On the Advanced tab, click to clear (disable) or click to select (enable)
the Enable Image Toolbar (requires restart) check box.
Click OK.
Automatic Image Resizing
If you open pictures directly that are too large to display in your browser
window, automatic resizing makes them fit. With this feature, you do not
need to scroll horizontally or vertically to view large pictures. In
addition, if you view pictures that fit within the browser window and then
change the window size, Internet Explorer automatically adjusts the
pictures to fit the new window size. To prevent image distortion, Internet
Explorer also adjusts both the picture height and width (even if only a
single dimension needs adjusting).

NOTE: Automatic Image Resizing only works for images that are directly
opened in Internet Explorer. Images that are embedded in a Web page are not

The Automatic Image Resizing icon appears in the lower-right corner of any
picture that has been automatically resized to fit in the browser window.
To expand a resized picture to its original