ie crashes on a web page NO java or java scripts or java applets, on it!!

ie crashes on a web page NO java or java scripts or java applets, on it!!

Post by mig30m » Tue, 02 Aug 2005 11:31:21

Hello Everybody
I have a friend who uses Internet Explorer 6.0 WITH all the latest

Every time this person logs on to a particular web page it
crashes their browser. This person has a Compaq Presario tower but
unfortunately, I cannot give you the model number or the exact hardware

specs at this time, although I can tell you it is a very recent model.
The web page they are attempting to view is at the following links:

My friend gets the following message: "Internet Explorer has
encountered an unexpected error and has to close." At this point,
Windows error reporting is actvated giving the option to report or not
report the error. Unfortunately, when you go into the detailed
analysis of what the error is (I haven't figured out how to copy that
so I can't show it to you), it appears that Internet Explorer does not
agree with a certain type of file extension "txt". The error is
constantly reported and we are hoping Microsoft will get around to
fixing this error sometime in the near future. We have informed the
particular web master and they cannot duplicate the error. It should
be noted that this particular web master is an extremely skilled
programmer, so I doubt it is a website glitch and if it is, it will
surprise the hell out of me. If anyone has any advice, I need it ASAP.


ie crashes on a web page NO java or java scripts or java applets, on it!!

Post by Robert Ald » Thu, 04 Aug 2005 02:40:42

If you mean the Error Signature it can be captured but it's a bit quirky
because there is no right-click menu. E.g. try doubleclicking on a word,
pressing Ctrl-a, and Ctrl-c. Mouse dragging will also select the text
but then you would still need to press Ctrl-c to capture it to ClipBoard.

I don't understand what you mean. Please explain if it refines
the symptom description.

FWIW my guess is he is crashing because of the VGX being used.
If the error signature does not indicate that module vgx.dll is involved
please find out its version anyway.

Also please disclose the OS involved. It might be possible to infer
that from the Error Signature too but I do not understand why there
is so much reluctance by users to be more forthcoming about this
important detail! ;]


Robert Aldwinckle