IE6 blank default page

IE6 blank default page

Post by Andrew Yor » Tue, 20 Jan 2004 10:44:00

Can anyone please tell me how to change the default
background colour of a blank IE6 Window from the default
white to, let's say black. I had a look through the
registry but couldn't find an entry that seemed relevant,
and changing appearance settings doesn't seem to impact
on the IE default.

Why do I want to change it?

I'm using a custom web-page based desktop (combination of
HTML, JavaScript and Flash), and XP displays a blank
white desktop (which I presume is a IE window??) on start-
up until XP has completed loading, and only then finally
loads my custom web-page based desktop. That blank white
page stays there for 5-10 seconds and sort of annoys me -
that's all.

I'm using Windows XP-SP1 with all the latest updates, a
P4 3.2Ghz with 1GB DDR RAM and a 256MB Geforce-based
graphics card with latest drivers.

All help and advice would be much appreciated.

Andrew York

IE6 blank default page

Post by Andrew Yor » Tue, 20 Jan 2004 15:50:40

Hi Alan;

thanks for that. But no, I don't think that's it (tried
already). The white window I'm talking about, seems to be
a blank IE window or some sort of blank desktop window.
Since it's a web-based desktop, XP (or Win98) may use
some sort of IE-based window - I'm not sure here.

Anyway, I'll keep trying


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