Win 2k OLE Error Message appearing in Win98 OLE - HELP!

Win 2k OLE Error Message appearing in Win98 OLE - HELP!

Post by Lee Coope » Thu, 18 Sep 2003 12:56:22

"Outlook Express could not be started. The application
was unable to open the Outlook Express message store.
Your computer may be out of memory or your disk is full.
Contact Microsoft support for further assistance.
(0x8007007E,126) "

That error message is followed by the following error

"Outlook Express could not be started because MSOE.DLL
could not be initialized. Outlook Express may not be
installed correctly. "

That message is verbatium for the Win2k SP1 error message
found here: ;en-

BUT it is on a Win98 machine.

I tried uninstalling the upgrades, to no avail. Is there
a fix that can be recommended?

Thanks in advance.

This message appears on a Win98SE machine running IE 6.0.
It all began when an imminant HDD failure forced me to
copy my HDD data to a new one. 3 files were reported as
not being able to be copied, one of them, I suspect to be
the inbox.

At the time, I was running OLE 5x and after the copy
over, I got a Kernal error. I figured installing OLE 6
would fix it, but that is when the above message appeared.

Win 2k OLE Error Message appearing in Win98 OLE - HELP!

Post by Steve Coch » Thu, 18 Sep 2003 20:24:58

our message store is corrupt. Usually deleting folders.dbx fixes it. See
point 8 below.


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1. Blocked attachments. MS has now set OE to block all attachments. See
these articles for explanations:

Cannot Open E-Mail Attachments in Outlook Express After You Install SP1

OLEXP Using Virus Protection Features in Outlook Express 6 (Q291387)

2. Outlook Express crashes when composing messages

MS introduced a bug in the latest security patch (810847).

Go to Windows Update and get the latest IE security patch and that should
fix it.


3. All messages are lost.

There are two contributing factors to this problem. To fix this issue
a. Turn off background compaction under Tools | Options | Maintenance for
each Identity you have, and then compact manually and frequently using File
| Folder | Compact all. This will make OE more stable.
b. Turn off email scanning, autoupdate, and internet filter with your
antivirus software. Many antivirus products interfere with the operations
of OE resulting in loss of messages. Turning off these options does not
affect the ability of your antivirus software to block infections.

If you do lose your messages, you can try using my DBXtract program to
attempt to recover the lost messages. Note that dbx files are hidden in
Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

If you have upgraded your version of IE and OE or your OS version, and all
your messages are lost, then see this article (note that the technique in
the article does not only apply to the issue addressed in the article

OLEXP: Mail Folders, Address Book, and E-mail Messages Are Missing After You
Upgrade to Microsoft Windows XP;en-us;313055

If File | Import | Messages does not work, ignore the error message, which
is erroneous in itself, and try one of the following techniques to get your
messages back:
aa. Right click on each dbx file or a selection of them and go to
and clear the read only attribute of the files. Then try File | Import |
Messages again.
bb. Import the dbx files individually. See the last paragraph on this page
for how to do that:
cc. As a last resort use DBXtract

4. How does one reinstall IE and OE?

This article seems to work for other OSs than just XP:

How to Reinstall or Repair Internet Explorer and Outlook Express;EN-US;Q318378

See point 11 below first.

5. How does one backup and restore or transfer OE messages and settings:

Note that there is also a link in this article to MVP David Guess's free
OEBackup program (

6. Links in email don't work:

see the links on this page

7. Outlook Express is slow.

See the various performance issues and how to address them on this page:

8. Outlook Express won't start.

This is usually due to a conflict between what is recorded in the registry
and what is

Win 2k OLE Error Message appearing in Win98 OLE - HELP!

Post by Lee » Fri, 19 Sep 2003 09:59:47

gt;8. Outlook Express won't start.

This is usually due to a conflict between what is
recorded in the registry
and what is in the message store. Often, one can fix
this problem by
deleting folders.dbx. If that doesn't work, then try
moving all the dbx
files to another directory and see if that fixes it.>

This one fixed it Steve, thank you very much!


folders.dbx fixes it. See
attachments. See
You Install SP1
6 (Q291387)
patch and that should
fix this issue
| Maintenance for
frequently using File
filter with your
with the operations
options does not
DBXtract program to
files are hidden in
OS version, and all
the technique in
in the article
Are Missing After You
error message, which
techniques to get your
and go to
try File | Import |
paragraph on this page
messages and settings:
David Guess's free
them on this page:
recorded in the registry
this problem by
moving all the dbx
Alternatively, see
the millimeter the
SP1 (Q331923)
to other programs
updating of necessary
minimize such
Run and type msconfig
services. Then reboot.
then be re-enabled.
manually go to this
it. Then disable
Services and then reboot.
key back into the
with a security
virus. No matter how
email is either
else is trying to
can you do?
to disk and then
infected (make sure
the attachment is
it. Its not worth
a button on the
Columns and enable most
pick out the various
don't want to open,
messages and
the folder. Once
don't do this on
Tools | Options |
plain text"
Reading in plain
your email address
prevents malformed or
message is worth
| Read and uncheck
the message to view it
with OETool
source, you can set
See the help file in .
you or is deceptive,
crackdown on deceptive for more info.
address the most
addition, please check the
issues not listed
to post a question
respond and attempt to

Win 2k OLE Error Message appearing in Win98 OLE - HELP!

Post by Dave » Fri, 19 Sep 2003 13:03:54

his note is to thank someone in this thread for the reference to KBA
306089. That is just what I needed to fix my problem. For me, the registry
entry for OE was missing. After adding it, email from "sent to" and several
others now work.

I am sorry but when I thought I was saving your post, I must have deleted

Thank you very much!


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