The Prettiest Thing whitei~2.jpg [2/2]

The Prettiest Thing whitei~2.jpg [2/2]

Post by Sandy » Tue, 10 Feb 2004 02:32:09

What a joy to be able to make a stat like this, and how much it enhances the
pleasure when you can use your own artwork as part of the message I can only
guess at... It's wonderful Sinamin!

1. get and save "1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, 4.jpg, 5.jpg"

2. For some things, PS/2s are faster...

Tonight's fun job is formatting a lot of floppies purchased from eBay and
subsequently hit with a powerful electric tape eraser. The theory is to not
take chances on the surprises that might be waiting on an old disk.

I started out on a Dell Dimension 8300 with internal floppy drive (because I
want one, wherever possible) and got the idea to turn on the 20MHz 8570 next
to the Dell, so I could do more than one disk at once. Turns out the 8570
has quite a commanding lead, about 3 disks to the Dimension's 1.

Can't imagine why--both are doing FORMAT A: / under DOS 6.22, the
other under Windows 2000.

I just moved the bigger pile of disks over to the 8570...


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