correct reply email address

correct reply email address

Post by Neil » Mon, 27 Sep 2004 06:53:40


Can anyone help me..... I've received an email from some who I'd like to
reply to but his reply email address is rejected. It's possible that he's
changed it and input the wrong email address..??? Is there anyway I can see
what email address was used to send the email so I can reply to him?

Thanks in anticipation of you help.


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I'm using Exchange 2000

I found that I needed to add the default smtp email address for the server (ie: if My server is, then I need to add XXXX@XXXXX.COM to the Email Addresses and set this as the primary email address

The reason for this was so that I could log on to OWA thru the browser. If I didn't have this email address, I couldn't log on. It just rejected the user/password

Now that this is working, I've found that the reply-to address is always XXXX@XXXXX.COM when I send emails from OWA

I host a number of sites on my server, and need to set up a different reply-to address for each user

Is there a way to do this? Or is there another way to go about this



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