TV Display not Full-Screen Mode along with Aquarium Screen Saver

TV Display not Full-Screen Mode along with Aquarium Screen Saver

Post by c21pdGhfd » Sat, 01 Jul 2006 10:39:01

One day, I noticed my TV display no longer fillled the screen from top to
bottom. I have a half inch black bar at the top and one at the bottom of the
screen. The same is true of my Aquarium screen saver but no other screen
saver. I have a HP Media Center m7100y with a HP f1905 (19 in.) monitor,
connected by DVI cable. I use 1280 X1024 resolution. I have a nVIDIA Ge
Force 6600 video card & software. I have reinstalled drivers & even restored
my computer to a month back. I have troubleshooted with HP Tech Support many
times but with no success. They even sent me another monitor just like mine
and the picture is the same. I even tried my monitor on my kids HP Media
Center Computer a1120n and the screen looks the same. The kids HP 15 in.
monitor looks fine on my computer. Even the HP 19in. monitor that HP tech
support sent me shows the bars on my kids computer. So, does anyone have an
idea of what's the problem & how I might fix it?

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