MCE 2005 Add-ins and Screen Fonts...?

MCE 2005 Add-ins and Screen Fonts...?

Post by Jimb » Sun, 27 Mar 2005 07:32:45

Hi all,

I have installed both MCE Weather and My Movies for MCE 2005. Understanding
these are "Add-ins" I realize there are always issue, but in my case, I have
noticed that the on screen "Left Menu" fonts for these two items appear
smaller and a bit squished - as compared to the MCE meu fonts, which look as
you'd expect.

Oddly though, all the screenshots show the proper font look - for example on

Why would mine look less than stellar when all of MCE looks fantastic and as



MCE 2005 Add-ins and Screen Fonts...?

Post by DanH » Sun, 27 Mar 2005 08:02:09

My experience is the same. I assume the developers chose those fonts on
purpose. Maybe the screenshot is from an older version? I think My
Movies is so cool by the way. When it loaded up all my DVD info
including cast photos, filmographies and a trailer, I dorked. My wife
was like, yeah that's neat. :)


MCE 2005 Add-ins and Screen Fonts...?

Post by V2lubmVybW » Sun, 27 Mar 2005 08:19:05

I am in complete agreement on how cool "my movies" is. I am a dork as is
but this has taken me to a new level. I have not started the chaine reaction
for bringing in HDTV to my MCE. I have bought a new TV, HDTV Wonder, and a
new video card to support HDTV out. My girlfriend has had similar reactions,
and has permited me to continue with these purchases.