Reboot... reboot... reboot - kick machine to death...

Reboot... reboot... reboot - kick machine to death...

Post by dkintheu » Tue, 31 Jan 2006 18:59:07

Hi there,

I've got a mesh shuttle based media center and have an odd problem that
i wondered if anyone else had seen.

I had a non-specific crash of the system and it would boot up with
registry errors and then fail. I have nothing sacred on the PC so did a
full wipe and restore from the original discs supplied with the PC.

All goes well until it tries to complete the install by rebooting into
windows; it just reboots before the Windows load screen comes up.

It will repeat this forever and no other error messages come up. I've
tried to boot in safe mode and all that happens is that it gets to
MUP.SYS and then reboots. I don't know if this has anything to do with
that driver or the next one that would have been listed if all went

Totally wipe of disc has been done multiple times. Even tried to
install XP Pro and then use the OEM dics of Media Center as an update
disc but that failed as well - although XP Pro loaded and booted up

Any ideas?



Reboot... reboot... reboot - kick machine to death...

Post by Jaim » Tue, 31 Jan 2006 23:28:18

Was this system working once and then started having trouble or is this a
fairly new install?

If it was working, have you ruled out any hardware problems? Swapped video
cards, mem, etc?
Orlando (Goofy says "Hey!"), Florida