domain functional level to forest functional level

domain functional level to forest functional level

Post by mjs » Sat, 22 Nov 2003 09:35:07

I have two practice servers I was able to rasie the level
to functional level windows 2003 trying to raise to forest
functional level and get this message -- the functional
level could not be rasied. the error is: the directory is

what do I need to fix this or what am I doing wrong?
thanks for your time

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I work for a small business that is owned by a group of investors. At
the original design time of the Active Directory it was setup with only this
business in mind (AD name refelects the name of the business). Since that
time the group of investors has purchased a similar business in a near by
town and they want the two businesses to be connected. They also plan on
adding more sites to the over all company. I currently have a Windows Server
2003 Active Directory and the other site has a Windows 2000 AD. I would like
to combine the current W2K3, the new W2K and any others that are added into
one AD. To do so I would like to rename my AD (on W2K3) to reflect the over
all company. To rename my domain I have to raise it's functional level to
W2K3 Native. But once I do that I cannot add any more W2K domain controllers
to that domain. My question is, can I still create a trust relationship to
down-level domains so that I can migrate their user accounts to the W2K3
domain? It would seem this would be the best way to do it, especially if I
encounter any NT 4.0 domains.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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