SMTP Server/SMTP Connector

SMTP Server/SMTP Connector

Post by Helg » Fri, 11 Jun 2004 23:43:20

Patrick, I hope you reread this post. You answer to Gabe
is quite interesting to me.

Does configuring an SMTP connector with the scope of '*'
as you suggest apply only to all outbound messages as you
write? Even if your Exchange environment includes several
SMTP domains and the users do not use the sam domain as
In other words. Can this technique seperate iternal from
external messages?


Smart Host on the
your mail even
come back to your
Virtual Server and
routed through the
Connector and set the
set it to an *.
routed through the
alias is for Newsgroup
confers no rights.

use one over the
one named srvexch2.
server to use srvexch2
second email
as to what people
forward email out to