NLB, IIS 6.0, .NET ASP Web App Randomly Changing URL From Host

NLB, IIS 6.0, .NET ASP Web App Randomly Changing URL From Host

Post by SmFtZXMgTS » Sat, 09 Apr 2005 00:17:14

hank you Nick!
I have relayed the information to the programming team to implement and
test. That seems to be the only issue we have had so far with NLB.

Take Care,
James M.

"Nick Malik [Microsoft]" wrote:


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I am using Godaddy Deluxe hosting which allows me to host several websites in
a single hosting account. The main website is hosted in the root of the
hosting account and the rest of the websites are hosted in a subfolder in the
form /hosting/websitename.

If I deploy an MVC app under a virtual directory, I get ugly looking URLs

Note the /hosting/mywebsite part. For some reason the Html.ActionLink helper
method infers the real hosting path which is exactly what I want to avoid.
The URL should look like:

The problem is easily reproducible by creating a new MVC application and
changing the folder of the dev server from root (/) to something else (such
as /hosting/).

How can I go about that apart from purchasing a new Godaddy hosting account?

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