Advice needed: rendom and new drive and os..

Advice needed: rendom and new drive and os..

Post by Jake » Tue, 24 Jul 2007 17:47:59


We have an old w2003sp2 dc 'mydomain' which gets low on available disk

We want to replace the disk in this server to a bigger one, starting
from fresh with a new installed and updated w2003r2 os, get all the
users over with their home folders and roaming profiles. (The latter
folders are inaccessible for the administrator) and - finally rename the
domain to mydomain.local (to avoid single label domain name dns problems).

Should we set up a second w2003r2 as secondary dc and try to get home$
and profiles$ copied over to this box as the first step? Does it exist
good white papers on how to get home foldes and profiles over to a
secondary dc so it becomes an exact copy of the primary dc ready to be
promoted as primary itself?

Thanks for comments and tips on how to get this done (and in which
order) with the least pain ;-)