cant see domain users on an nt4 machine from a w2k machine - different domains

cant see domain users on an nt4 machine from a w2k machine - different domains

Post by pink » Thu, 30 Jun 2005 18:44:20

We have a multi domain network. All domains are NT4.
I have created a shared folder on a w2k server in domain A.
I am in the domain admins group in both domains.
I want to share it with a user from domain B.
I can browse the domain members of domain B using user manager, but
when trying to add the user from the server using computer manager
locally or on an XP machine the usernames cannot be verified/found when
entered correctly.
When I browse domain B from w2k machine in domain A I get "Cannot
display objects from this location because of the following error:
There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon
I have searched and found others have had this problem but I was unable
to get a resolution.
Any ideas or help appreciated, thanks.

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I modified the <processmodel> section of the machine config and created a
user "aspnet_a" with a strong password. Gave the aspnet_a rights to log on
as a service etc as in the kb articles. Above the process model section i
noticed that the notes said "Please use administrative UI to configure
things like process identity" I think that is what I am missing----as my app
is still logging on to sqlserver using DOMAIN/MACHINE$. I think it is
ignoring the process model section. I have restarted everything a zillion


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