Windows 2003 R2 DFS Replication Group Changes

Windows 2003 R2 DFS Replication Group Changes

Post by Um9zc » Wed, 02 Aug 2006 20:14:02

Windows 2003 R2 DFS

When I create a replication group and manually assign a topology (create
connections myself) everything looks fine in MMC with no errors in the event

However, initial replication never happens and changes made never get

....Until that is, I restart the DFS Replication Service on the DFS
Namespace server (where I am making changes).

Then everything springs into life.

It doesn't matter if I create a domain or stand alone DFS - the same thing

Any ideas?

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Hi All,

We have an existing Windows Server 2003 R2 DFS Replication
infrastructure and DFS Namespace for our software installation sources.
Replication is hub and spoke with one central and four remote sites.
Sites are defined in Active Directory.

Can SMS 2003 utilize this existing DFS infrastructure as a source for
software instalation to clients? I know it has it's own replication
and distribution technology but it would really be nice to not have to
"do everything over" to implement SMS 2003 software installation.

Thanks in advance!


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