Win2000 to Win2003 migration in cluster evnironment...

Win2000 to Win2003 migration in cluster evnironment...

Post by Gretori » Sat, 19 Jun 2004 07:56:02

I am looking into upgrading my current win2000 servers (2
in a cluster) to win2003 servers (also clustered). I
can't seem to find any information regarding this.
Anyone out there have any experience with this? This
cluster is running our Exchange server so that is also a

Please help.


Win2000 to Win2003 migration in cluster evnironment...

Post by bobqi » Sat, 19 Jun 2004 20:56:54

Hi Gretorix,

Thanks for your posting here.

If you use Exchange 2000 on the Windows 2000 cluster, I would like to
suggest that you try the following plan.

1. Move all resources from node B to node A.
2. On node B, upgrade Exchange server 2000 to 2003, then upgrade Windows
2000 to Windows Server 2003.
3. Move all resources back from A to B.
4. Do similar steps 2 on node A.
5. Move some resources back to Node A.
6. Done.

Here is a link to a whitepaper contains some useful information:

Exchange Server 2003 Deployment Guide

If you have already installed Exchange 2003, you can upgrade Windows 2003
directly. Below is a known issue you may need to notice.

812877 Cluster Service Does Not Start After You Upgrade to Windows Server

In addition, you can also refer to the Windows 2003 Help document for more

For a complete solution on this kind of issue, please feel free to consult
with our MCS group (Microsoft Consultancy Services) who provide support and
consultancy services for such issues that are unique to a customer''s
environment. More information can also be found at:

Please use the link below to Reach MCS in the U.S: Contact a Microsoft
District Office:

Hope this helps.

Bob Qin
Product Support Services
Microsoft Corporation

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