Name Space & DNS Considerations

Name Space & DNS Considerations

Post by Sm9ob » Wed, 06 Oct 2004 00:11:04

I am trying to understand how we could consider Name Space and DNS
Infrastructure in the event of an ASP environment. Being an ASP you are
hosting the applications on a Citrix Farm let us say. Now, when
upgrading/migrating existing NT 4 domain to ADS we need to have a Name Space
and DNS considerations which we have to take into account.

The existing company for which we are trying to host these applications will
already have a domain name as well as the name being hosted either through
their ISP. In the event of my Scenario above, how would I consider in naming
the DNS for this Citrix Farm which is being accessed separately. Without a
DNS we are not going to have ADS.

Also, am I posting this question in the correct forum?

I appreciate and thank you for your earliest feedback on this

Name Space & DNS Considerations

Post by v-reb » Wed, 06 Oct 2004 17:52:34

Hi John,

I suggest you post this question to
since this newsgroup is the appropriate place to discussion DNS
consolidation question and you may get more valuable suggestions. Thank you
for your understanding.

In addition, I suggest you contact Citrix to check if the manufacturer
could provide some info about this question. For your convenience, I have
listed the Citrix support below:

I will provide the following KB on the system side for your reference:

Primary and Secondary DNS Server Configuration for ISPs

DNS Server Top Support Articles

Windows 2000 DNS

HTH and have a great day!

Best regards,

Rebecca Chen


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