Windows 2000 with Exchange 2003 upgrade to Windows 2003 with Exchange 2003 using new hardware

Windows 2000 with Exchange 2003 upgrade to Windows 2003 with Exchange 2003 using new hardware

Post by chris.cawd » Fri, 07 Oct 2005 18:11:52


Firstly, sorry about the ridiculously long subject line - but I think
it summaries my concerns...

My situation:

I currently have 2 Windows 2000 DCs, one of which runs Exchange 2000.

We need to bring in 2 new servers, one Exchange 2003 and one Windows
2003 (file and print).

The Exchange 2003 server needs to be introduced first, and once up and
running I will be taking the old Exchange 2000 box offline.

Once that is in place I will be introducing the new Windows 2003 file
and print server.

Both the old Windows 2000 boxes will remain in the domain, but with
different roles.

My planned deployment path:

1 - Backup System state on existing DCs

2 - Upgrade exisiting Windows 2000 domain to nativ mode (for some
reason I originally deployed it in mixed mode!)

3 - Run ADPREP/FORESTPREP & ADPREP/DOMAINPREP on existing DC and allow
for replication.

4 - Bring new Windows 2003 server on to domain and promote to DC

5 - Install Exchange 2003 on new Windows 2003 server

from this point on I am unsure as what to do with logfiles, database
files etc. I am also concerned that I may "break" our existing domain.

Can someone give me some advice or point me in the right direction?



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We currently have 2 DCs. SERVER2 is Windows 2003 DC (all FSMO roles),
GC, DNS, WINS. SERVER1 is Windows 2000 DC, Exchange 2003, DNS, WINS.

I need to upgrade SERVER1 to Windows 2003 DC. I know hosting Exchange
on a DC isn't recommended, but size and budget limitations mean this is

the only option I have (if I want to have 2 DCs on the network). I
have no additional hardware. Partitions on SERVER1 need to be resized
as C: drive only has 1.5GB free.

Bit of a nightmare, I know! However, does anyone have any suggestions?
I will obviously read-up and test in a lab envt first, however, off the

top of my head, I was thinking:

(1) Backup Exchange 2003 database on SERVER1

(2) Shutdown SERVER1

(3) Metadata cleanup of SERVER1 in AD and DNS.

(4) Clean install Windows 2003 on SERVER1 with repartitioned HDs.

(5) dcpromo SERVER1.

(6) Install DNS / WINS

(7) Clean install Exchange 2003 with /disasterrecovery switch. Is this

possible given the fact that I'll be doing a metadata cleanup of
SERVER1 DC entries in AD as a previous step?

(8) Restore Exchange 2003 databases.

Any comments and advice greatly appreciated!



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