file and folder share permissions - Help please

file and folder share permissions - Help please

Post by don duc » Tue, 24 Jan 2006 19:58:28


i am coming across an unusual problem.

there is a folder that is shared on the Windows 2003 server. In there,
there are other folders that are shared with security permissions.

up until recently, when i discovered the HDD was dying (through
eventvwr) accessing these files was fast.

However, now that i have setup 2003 server and moved the files and
folders to the new server with the same structure, i get the same
issues. When you try to access a file in the folder it comes up
telling me that the file is already shared and that is open by someone
else (even though the file is not opened by someone else).

as stated before, the same structure was working fine when it was
originally setup for about one year or so. This has happened recently.

have i structured my sharing of folders incorrectly? if so, why has it
taken a while for them to act weird?

The drive e: has the following seurity permissions at the top level -
employees (deny all) and everyone full control
then under e: company folders folder is shared as administrators full
control, office staff have change. The security permissions are
employees have deny access and everyone has full control

Within company folders folder - 3rd level down there is another share
called test data and it is shared with the following:
everyone ful control, security permissions are employees have modify
and everyone full control, one more folder called test results exists
at the 3rd level again and it is shared as everyone full control and
share permissions are employees have modify and everyohe full control.
That is about it.

have i done my sharing and permissions incorrectly? Why is there a big
delay in accessing these files from the server?

the group employees consist of staff who are not allowed to access any
of the files other than the ones in the two shares stated above.


file and folder share permissions - Help please

Post by Richard Ci » Wed, 25 Jan 2006 07:41:10

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