Messages stuck in Messages Pending Submission

Messages stuck in Messages Pending Submission

Post by Lloydi » Wed, 08 Dec 2004 23:29:21

Please help.

98% of all our email gets stuck in the

Messages Pending Submission queue, I have to stop GroupShield, then
stop smtp, and restart these services, all the time!

Can someone please help, we are getting a lot of spam at the mo coming
in and filling the queue up.

I have checked for open replay and its not that, but I need to sort
this out as Outlook users are experiencing very slow email responses
and I hav to manually force the email through each time.
Please help

Windows 2000 SP4 Exchange 2003 SP1.

Messages stuck in Messages Pending Submission

Post by Phillip Wi » Thu, 09 Dec 2004 06:14:17

I just sent this to some else in another post. You may have the same
I have seen antivirus software cause this. The mail "queue" folders must be
exempted from AV scanning because the AV software and the SMTP service will
get in a fist-fight over who gets to work with the message file. This
especially happens if the message is infected and the AV trys to delete or
quarentine it.

You might also want to turn off NDRs so it quits trying to resolve the
domain from where it thinks the message came from. It will do that to know
where to send the "bounce" message if it is not locally deliverable. Since
most, if not all, spam uses fake return addresses the whole thing is a waste
of time and resources. It will generate as many as three messages, the
original, the NDR, and the NDR for the NDR that wasn't deliverable due the
the fake return address. So that probably should be turned off.


Phillip Windell [MCP, MVP, CCNA]