New User Added to Domain, Migrate Old Local User Docs to New Domain User?

New User Added to Domain, Migrate Old Local User Docs to New Domain User?

Post by Walt Shipw » Fri, 18 Mar 2005 02:21:30

SBS 2003 server installed to former peer network. XP Pro client machine has
existing user configured, named say "Mark".

User is added to SBS 2003 domain as MarkT. Now go to XP Pro client machine
and execute the connect process. At this point the XP Pro client now has
two users configured, Mark and MarkT.

What's the best procedure for getting his settings and documents moved from
the old Mark local user account to the new MarkT domain account?


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2. New Error whn adding users - user domain and server domain

I am getting the following error when i try to add users
to sharepoint portal workspace...

"one or more users could not be associated with a role,
because the use domain and server doamin do not have a
trust relationship. Contact your network administrator for
furthur information"

This ha started coming in the lats couple of weeks, before
which everything was working fine. The error does not come
when i try to add users to document folders in the
workspace only comes when i try to add users to the

Any ideas, sugesstions would be really appreciated?


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