Office 2003 Admin Install Point on SBS2k3?

Office 2003 Admin Install Point on SBS2k3?

Post by Adam Selen » Fri, 02 Jul 2004 12:26:48

I have a NFR copy of O2k3 and I wanted to do an Admin Install on my
server so I could forego having to hunt for CD's during maintenance.

But when I tried the /a option, it asked for Product Key and did not
default to the ClientApps folder for its Admin point as I thought it

And, since the example in the SBS2k3 HELP is incorrect ( the command
line option for setup.exe has wrong slash) I got really nervous. :)

I therefore chickened out and aborted the install. I didn't want to
install Office on my server.

Did I over-react? Or is an Admin install only possible with "bulk"
licenses? Readme.html doesn't say nor does setup.html.


Office 2003 Admin Install Point on SBS2k3?

Post by Rick Damia » Fri, 02 Jul 2004 12:55:27

I believe that the option of doing an admin install is only available with
Volume media. FWIW, I did this with my Volume-licensed Office 2003. While it
doesn't default to installing in ClientApps, it's easy enough to put it
there and 'publish' the application.

How I did it:

- Install Office 2k3 using setup /a, selecting ClientApps\Office as the
- In Server Manager, go to the Client Computers folder and select Set Up
Client Applications. Follow the instructions.
- Do the same with the Assign Applications to Client Computers option

And there you are.