CA + event id 77 (certsvc)

CA + event id 77 (certsvc)

Post by sim » Thu, 30 Jul 2009 17:42:00

There's a problem with our sbs2003 and CA: SP1 was installed, but the old
win2000 based schema required additional update, which was not done.
Now we have problems with CA, eg multiple event id 77 (certsvc) are logged
and no certificates can be issued

There is a kb on this:

The workaround is to uninstall SP1, then update schema, and reinstall SP1.
This is however no longer possible.

Is there any other way? Can I uninstall CA and reinstall it?
Certifcates are self-signed, reinstalling the certificates wouldn't matter
in my opinion.

Is there anything special issues with CA reinstallation?