DNS Error 7062

DNS Error 7062

Post by v-chaya » Sat, 02 Jul 2005 17:01:18

Hi Garret,

Welcome to the SBS public newsgroup.

Accord to what you described, I understand that you encountered error 7062.

Based on my research, it might be caused by the misconfiguration of DNS
server. And I help you check the DNS setting on your SBS 2003, please make
sure that your external NIC of SBS, it should be the IP assigned by your
ISP and the DNS setting on that card should be a DNS server assigned by
your ISP, if you did not configure the DNS forwarding on your DNS server. I
suggest you rerun the CEICW to configure the DNS setting and internet
access, for more detailed information please refer to the following KB

825763 How to configure Internet access in Windows Small Business Server

If the problem still existed, please rerun the ipconfig/all at the server
side on both NICs and client side and paste the results to the public
newsgroup. You might have to rebuild the DNS server on SBS 2003 domain.
Make sure that all the records on DNS is correctly.

More information related with Error 7062, please refer to the following KB

235689 How to troubleshoot 7062 errors logged in DNS event log

Hope the above information helpful, if you have any further issue, please
let me know. I am standing by to help you.

Best regards,

Charles Yang (MSFT)

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