Group Policy Terminal Server Screen Saver

Group Policy Terminal Server Screen Saver

Post by QmVuIFdhbG » Thu, 13 Dec 2007 10:13:00

I'd like some helping configuring a group policy that would control Terminal
Services Users' Screen Saver Time out.

The domain Controller is Windows SBS 2003. The Terminal Server is a Window
Server 2003 Enteprise.

I like configure all users on the Terminal Server to wait 30 minutes until
the screen saver is implement and require the password when they come back.
I'd also like to make it so the users can't change it.

We actually have a policy Object called "Terminal Server", and under this
there is user configuration> Administrative Templates> Control Panel> Display

I have the screen saver timeout set to enabled with a value of 1800 seconds,
but the users are reporting that it reverts back to 10 minutes. and they are
able to change it.

Perhaps I am interpretting Administrative Templates incorrectly. does an
administrative template apply to all active users or is it just for newly
setup users?

Eventually, I'd like to Hid the Screen Saver Tab entirely, but I have to
make sure that the other settings are correct first.

Any assistance would be great.

Ben Waldon