Pdf files are not displayed after downloading from IIS6 SBS2003

Pdf files are not displayed after downloading from IIS6 SBS2003

Post by RGFyaXV » Tue, 06 Dec 2005 06:52:01

I understand that this problem is related more to IIS than SBS 2003, but no
one answered to this question in IIS newsgroup. While atempting to view pdf
files from default IIS site on SBS 2003 (not from companyweb), Internet
Explorer shows blank page or displays Acrobat Reader message that
pdf file is damaged. Everything is displayed correctly after Refresh. If
temporary internet files are deleted, situation repeats.
If using FireFox- the message that "pdf tag is not found in the begining of
file" is displayed and no refresh helps.
I have never seen something like this. Mime settings are default and
correct. Pdf files can be created in many ways- there is no difference in IIS
Software runs on Pentium 4 2.6GHz HT.
Please could some comment this situation.

Pdf files are not displayed after downloading from IIS6 SBS2003

Post by v-brane » Tue, 06 Dec 2005 15:26:36

ear Customer,

Thank you for posting to the SBS Newsgroup.

I am sorry for the delayed response due to weekend. Please understand that
the newsgroups are staffed weekdays by Microsoft Support professionals to
answer your systems and applications questions. Your understanding is
greatly appreciated!

I understand that you cannot view .pdf file through default web site. If I
have misunderstood your issue, please let me know.

From the information you have applied, it seems that the issue is more IE
or Adobe Reader software related. Please help to gather following
information for us to research:

1. In the post, you mentioned "atempting to view pdf files from default IIS
site on SBS 2003 (not from companyweb)", I need to know what exact place
you trying to view the .pdf file. For example, OWA, RWW, etc.

2. Does this issue occur to all client or several?

3. Does this issue occur in LAN or from the remote workstation?

4. Can you reproduce the issue on the Server Console?

5. On one of the problematic client workstation, open IE -> Tools ->
Internet Options -> Advanced tab. Uncheck the box "Show friendly HTTP error
messages". Reproduce the issue, capture a screen shot for the whole error
message and send it to my mailbox: XXXX@XXXXX.COM .

6. When did the issue occur? Could you view .pdf file before? Did you make
any change on the computers recently?

7. Besides .pdf, can you open the other extension files correctly?

8. Please perform a test, can you open the .pdf file below in default IIS:


Please take your time to perform the steps above and collect the
information for us to troubleshoot your issue. I am looking forward to
hearing from you!

Best regards,

Brandy Nee

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