Update GAL takes anywhere between 5-10 minutes

Update GAL takes anywhere between 5-10 minutes

Post by Sm9iIEFuZG » Thu, 24 Jan 2008 10:16:24

Whenever I try to update GAL from clientside (outlook "Send/recieve->Get
Adresslist..."). My client often enough takes ages to update. The first 15%
goes instantly, then a 5-10 minute delay and then it finnish. Thats to long.

I need to know what is preventing Outlook from updating GAL instantly...
shouldnt take more than a few seconds since our GAL cant be more than a few

Client runs Vista, Outlook 2007 and connects through RPC.

As a sidenote, why does it take over 24 hour for GAL to automatically update
to all clients? We are not talking about a serversystem of dozens of servers
here - then the delay might make sense. But updating some 30 clients should
be done in the next five minutes at most. I hope there will be a hotfix for
this. 24 hours is just way to ineffective.


Update GAL takes anywhere between 5-10 minutes

Post by Bill Pen » Thu, 24 Jan 2008 18:22:49

The default OAB will be updated every morning 5 a.m. by default. you can
change it under it's properties in EMS.

for the send/receive delay issue, please confirm:

1. Did this happen on all clients?
2. All users?
3. What about creating a new Outlook profile?
4. Any error in the Server's event viewer?