SBS 2003 SDT vs SBS 2003 PREM

SBS 2003 SDT vs SBS 2003 PREM

Post by Greg Smit » Thu, 14 Oct 2010 18:57:09

ith SBS 2003 STD if you loose your product Key Microsoft support cannot assist you see extract from rep reply to my request:

..., we cannot assist in providing Product Key replacements for SBS Standard 2003. We can only assist in obtaining Product Keys for SBS Premium 2003. Please advise your customer accordingly. He could try random characters excluding vowels (a,e,i,o,u,l) and no Zero?s to possible get the correct combination.

Absolutely ridiculous!!


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Hello I have been doing an SBS2003 premium to SBS2008premium migration. I had
tried this successfully in a virtual test enviornment first but have run into
an issue on the production equipment.

I have run the Prep tool and migration file tool on the SBS 2003 server. I
put the answer file into the SBS 2008 server but it canned during the AD
replication. I had to can the migration and reinstall the 2008 server. The
SBS 2003 server now thinks the 2008 Server is the Operation master and won't
let the rebuilt server join and migrate the domain.

The SBS 2008 cannot join and migrate from the 2003 server with the log entry
"You cannot install an additional domain controller at this time because the
RID master (new server) is offline

The 2003 server Shows the operations master as the new 2008 server.

Is there a proceedure to back out of this issue and resume the migration?

Many thanks

Mike v

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