Controlling the accursed tape library!!

Controlling the accursed tape library!!

Post by Jack » Sat, 13 Sep 2003 22:17:17

I have been trying off and on for quite some time to use rsm.exe (that
hateful little DOS app!) to control the process of allocating tapes to the
FREE pool in a specific order. Needless to say I have been unable to get it
to work. What I want is to be able to de-allocate and write free media
labels to tapes by slot ID. If I de-allocate and move all tapes to the free
media pool at the beginning of the backup cycle, the Remote Storage Manager
will retrieve a tape each night in a random order which means I would have
to swap labels at the end of every week which is a pain the the butt! So
what I want is Slot1 on Monday, Slot2 on Tuesday, etc...

Does anyone have a script , or know of a control, that will allow me to do


Jack Handy