You must be a member of the Domain Admins, Schema Admins, and Enterprise Admins groups

You must be a member of the Domain Admins, Schema Admins, and Enterprise Admins groups

Post by Bill Frisb » Fri, 05 Mar 2004 12:13:01


Are you using the LOCAL or Domain admin account? Usually the local account
has none of these permissions, and usually the domain admin account does not
have Schema or Enterprise admin rights...

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Hello all we have 5 physical locations linked with site to site t1's. We
have a parent domain at the main facility and 4 child domains at the rest of
the locations. All servers are running win2k. I cannot add the domain
admin of the child domains to the enterprise admins group on the root DC.
When I go to ADU&C and scroll to the enterprise admins group I can select
the child domains from the drop down arrow, but it tells mee that no objects
are found in this location. I am running in mixed mode. Do i need to
switch to native mode? Replication is working and I can select any users
from any of the domains when I am setting permissions etc. So i know the
root DC is seeing everything.

What am i doing wrong?


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