Windows 2003 Server & Small Business Server 2003

Windows 2003 Server & Small Business Server 2003

Post by SnVuY » Fri, 27 May 2005 08:02:02

hi guys,
i have an existing win2003 server setup + 15 clients running xp,2k,98, etc.

the problem is my server machine is a bit slow so i want to upgrade it to a
dual xeon setup. someone from microsoft told me that i cannot transfer the
license from the old server to the new server. this being the case i found
that small business server is a bit cheaper than buying another server 2003.
my questions are:
1. can 2 server machine running 2003 & small business server co-exist in 1
2. i primarily need both machines as file servers only, will there be a
conflict between these 2 machines with regards to clients logging on to the
win2003 server but using the small business server as a new file server?
3. any other suggestions or warnings welcomed.


Windows 2003 Server & Small Business Server 2003

Post by Tony » Wed, 01 Jun 2005 10:26:18

Dear Juna,

1) Yes, the 2 servers can co-exist in 1 single domain.

2) No, there would be no conflict between 2 machines. However users might
have to type \\computer1\sharefolder1 and \\computer2\sharefolder1 to access
files on different machines. Unless you are using DFS to share out the

In brief, you can simply go ahead and install SBS2003 as another DC on your
existing network.

In long, you need to tell us whether you are using AD on Win2003, and
whether you want to keep the existing Win2003 as a DC or just a member




Windows 2003 Server & Small Business Server 2003

Post by Jetr » Mon, 06 Jun 2005 23:44:21

Adding SBS to existed domain may be simple for a specialist only.
Consult with NG.
General Frequently Asked Questions About Windows Small Business Server 2003