Migrating to Windows Server 2003 from Windows Server 2000 and

Migrating to Windows Server 2003 from Windows Server 2000 and

Post by UGF0cmljay » Fri, 15 Sep 2006 13:28:02

Also, the manage your server dialog should only appear for administrators, so
terminal server users should never see this, as they should NEVER be
administrators on the TS.

Patrick Rouse
Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server

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I've got a bunch of VB6 applications which currently run on a Windows
NT/SQL Server 7.0 server config with client machines on Windows 2000.
I'm planning to replace the servers with Windows 2003/SQL Server 2000
configs, keeping client machines on Windows 2000 for now.

So generally speaking, are there many programming or configuration
changes I'll need to make to the applications so that they'll run on
the new configuration? What issues can I expect etc?

I'm just after general issues any of you may have experienced by
migrating from NT to 2003, and also from SQL Server 7 to 2000, which is
why I haven't given much detail on the apps as it's just the beginning
of the project. So if you've done this please feel free to bare your

Thanks for sharing.



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