How to build the ad-hoc wireless connection information into CE Image?

How to build the ad-hoc wireless connection information into CE Image?

Post by Thats m » Fri, 16 Apr 2004 16:57:59

Hi Kent,

We would like to do the same thing on Windows CE .NET 4.2 with the Cisco
PCM352 wireless lan card.

I did the following steps:
1) Start a clean image, and connect to you desktop PC through a wired
ethernet card (Xircom NE20000 compatible card) and export all the registry

2) Extract the ethernet card and insert the Wireless lan Cisco PCM352 card,
so windows ce detects it and loads the driver for it. Sees our SSID.

3) Then I enter all the settings like:
- Encryption: WEP
- Network key
- key index

4) Then the system associates the card and connects to the network

5) Then reconnect to you desktop PC and export the registry settings again.

6) Then I compared the 2 exported registries and put all the different keys
in the platform.reg file.

7) Rebuild image and place the NK.bin on the platform.

8) Insert the wireless lan card and try to connect through active sync. But
this doesn't work!!!!!

==> Why does this not work at all?

==> Is there another way to store or generate all encryption keys in the

==> Is it possible to store the encryption keys in platform.reg, so we never
have to configure the Wireless Lan settings again?

==> And if so, has anyone a list of those keys or a way to retrieve them?

Thanks a lot, I hope that anyone can hem us any further,

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