fails to open backofficestorage URL

fails to open backofficestorage URL

Post by jan-eric o » Thu, 11 Dec 2003 20:56:37

I'm trying to do this:

Dim Rec
Set Rec = CreateObject("ADODB.Record")
sURL = "file://./backofficestorage/" & sDomainName & _
"/MBX/" & sUserName
Rec.Open sURL

But unfortunately it gives me this error:

'Object or data matching the name, range, or selection criteria was not
found within the scope of this operation.

The "sDomainName" in the code is the same as is indicated in the explorer
view of the M:-drive. If I change the "/MBX/"-part of the code above to
"PUBLIC FOLDERS" it works fine. Strange. The account that I'm using to run
the script is able to browse the M-drive fully through explorer.

I have several other machines in different domains that run the same could
without problems. But this domain is a "mixed mode" one. Could that be part
of the problem?

I'm using e2k sp4 on w2k sp4.

fails to open backofficestorage URL

Post by smyth- » Thu, 11 Dec 2003 23:54:04

If you running mixed mode, make sure the mbx you are trying to access,
is actually defined in the domain where you are running the code. The
provider method you are using, EXOLEDB will only work for Exchange
objects situated on that server, and no other.

The error being returned means one of the following:

This user does not have a mailbox
This user or mailbox does not exist on the Exchange Server or within
the domain


fails to open backofficestorage URL

Post by jan-eric o » Fri, 12 Dec 2003 00:24:50

I can browse the users' mailbox from the M:-drive on the server. I'm also
running the code on that server. It doesn't even matter which mailbox it is,
because if I change the sURL to be just
file://.backofficestorage/ i still get the same error.

"Jason Smyth" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > skrev i meddelandet


fails to open backofficestorage URL

Post by stryktip » Sat, 13 Dec 2003 18:28:14

I've just realized that I'm able to access some of the mailboxes,
about 2% of them. The rest gives me this error. All the mailboxes are
on the same server, both the ones that I can, and can't open. I can't
find any paticular thing that the ones I'm able to open have in

fails to open backofficestorage URL

Post by Siegfried » Sun, 14 Dec 2003 15:04:44

Can you make sure the account used to run your code actually has permissions
to logon to each mailbox? It doesn't sound like this is the case. Search the
MSKB for "Service Account Permissions" should bring up a couple of pointers
how to configure this.


Siegfried Weber