Incoming messages in SMTP event sink

Incoming messages in SMTP event sink

Post by kkuma » Wed, 28 Jan 2004 18:19:57

Hello all,

I am writing an SMTP event sink in which I am scanning incoming
message contents for spam mails. If the message is spam, my program is
adding a warning text at the end of the HTML or text body part, so
that the recipient can apply filter in his email client to move spam
mails to another folder.

The event is CDO OnArrival and I am scanning only those messages which
are incoming.

My problem is if a message is sent to 2 users, one is internal
exchange user and another is external, in My sink I am getting only
one copy of the message and I can't add my text to body of the
message, because the message is outgoing as well as incoming. I need
to alter the message which is going deliver to local exchange store.

Is it possible in some other type of SMTP event sinks? Is in
PostcatSink I can get 2 different copies of this message?

Please suggest


Incoming messages in SMTP event sink

Post by Olivier Ma » Thu, 05 Feb 2004 18:18:09

Take a look at : %40tkmsftngp09

or search groups with posts of Daniel Longley.
He's an Exchange Transport Developer.