is this possible using event sinks?

is this possible using event sinks?

Post by UGV0ZX » Thu, 14 Oct 2004 19:25:05


Please, could anobody tell, is the following scenario possible with Exchange
2003 event sinks?

The user books conference room in outlook calendar. Exchange determines that
there is a new message in that conference room's calendar and e-mail message
is send to the user. E-mail message includees a link to an ASP.NET
application where user can order dining service to the meeting, etc.
Link must iclude conference room's name, subject, start date, start time,
end date and end time of the reservation. This information is passed to the
ASP.NET application as querystring parameters.

I am using now Exchange 5.5 and CDO 1.21 to achieve the task mentioned
above, but we are going to use Exchange 2003 and would like to use event
sinks instead of CDO. Where could I find more information about event sinks?

I will very much appreciate help of any kind!



is this possible using event sinks?

Post by Glen Scale » Fri, 15 Oct 2004 11:14:26

This should be relatively straight forward to do in a Event sink, the best
place to start with event sinks is download the Exchange SDK from

You might also want to look at the autoaccept eventsink as you may find most
the work has already been done for you

There's an open source version of the same type of thing here