JetAttachDatabase2 again

JetAttachDatabase2 again

Post by Cristian A » Tue, 22 Nov 2005 03:55:45

I could use some help from MS Jet blue dev team ...

The problem is to succesfully attach an .edb Exchange 2003 database on a
Windows XP client computer.

I've started a console JET/edb interpretor, and i end up in
JetAttachDatabase2 failure.
In the previous post on 2003 returned me NYI (-1) error; this time on XP at
least gives me something else (-550).

Here is an output from the ad-hoc interpreter I wrote

Starting Jet command interpreter.
jet>set instance name
name: e0
instance name: e0
esent.dll loaded
jet>create instance
JetCreateInstance : Error 0 : JET_errSuccess, Successful Operation
instance id=0x0038ae88, name=e0
JetInit : Error 0 : JET_errSuccess, Successful Operation
jet>set attach database bits
name: delete corrupt indexes
esent: loaded
instance name: e0
instance id=0x0038ae88
session id: none
database name: not set
database attach bits:
delete corrupt indexes: true
upgrade : false
read only : false
logging level: maximum
logging cache size: 0
exception action: message box
jet>begin session
JetBeginSession : Error 0 : JET_errSuccess, Successful Operation
session id=024a0320
jet>set database name
name: e:\exchange-data\data\test.edb
database name: e:\exchange-data\data\test.edb
jet>attach database
JetAttachDatabase : Error -550 : JET_errDatabaseDirtyShutdown, Database
was not shutdown cleanly. Recovery must first be run to properly complete
database operations for the previous shutdown.
jet>detach database
JetAttachDatabase : Error -1203 : JET_errDatabaseNotFound, No such
JetTerm : Error 0 : JET_errSuccess, Successful Operation
esent.dll unloaded


The file test.edb ( and test.stm) are Exchange 2003 store files.
After running the commands, the files edb.chk, edb.log, res1.log and
res2.log are generated.

The check with eseutil on Win 2003 reports no error.
The execution on Windows 2003 of sequences above (similar) returns -1 on
As can be seen in the above output, on Windows XP returns -550; I imagine
this is because the esent.dll versions are not the same on XP and 2003 (for
sure the dll version is not the same).

Many thanks,
Cristian Amarie