Missing Email Subject

Missing Email Subject

Post by RGVhbkluQ1 » Fri, 30 Jun 2006 22:43:02

My software generates an email in text format. The From, To, CC, and Subject
are in the first line of the text file, separated by CR-LF. The text file is
saved with a .eml extension. We have a web service that sweeps the folder
for email files, sending the email using whatever email program the custom

I have 2 customers using Exchange 2000. They are reporting the Subject text
is missing from emails generated from our software.

First, I cannot find a layout which describes how my email text file should
look. Does this exist in the Exchange documentation?

Second, is there a known problem in Exchange 2000 that would cause the
Subject to not be included in the email, such as special characters?

Many thanks.