Reconnecting mailboxes in Exch 2000

Reconnecting mailboxes in Exch 2000

Post by m2000hardi » Sat, 01 May 2004 20:27:39

I'm looking at how to retrieve some Exchange 2000 Mailboxes via a
For Exchange 2003 I've found the "Reconnect method" documented on

Does anyone know if it's possible to do something similar for Exchange

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Old SBS 2000 due for replacement had sys vol drive crach. Tape drive also 5+
years old. Got back all required data but Exch Info Store was unstable and
would't mount. Isinteg -p was last resort and it worked. Store mounts and I
can see all the old mailboxes. Of course new user accounts are not
associating themselves to same mailbox nave in the store (they create a
second mailbox with same name). By the way email in/out is working fine.

Now for problem (symptoms):

I can view all mailboxes (old and new) in system manager ... mailbox store
but when I right click an old mailbox, reconnect is unavailable (dimmed)

Next thought was to use exmerge to extract to pst and then import back in.
However exmerge only lists (shows access to new mailboxs and none of the old

Tried KB 262054 to reset security on mailboxes. No luck

Thanks from a tired admin

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