Setting Up a Shared Public E-Mail Folder?

Setting Up a Shared Public E-Mail Folder?

Post by UmljaGFyZC » Wed, 08 Nov 2006 00:46:03

Hello Everyone,

I am working in the operations division of my company and am trying to set
up a single e-mail address and account for each department in the company.
Each department gets an inordinate amount of e-mail sent to each employee
each day that they have to respond to and CC each other on. Rather than have
it all go to their unique inboxes, I want it all to go into one mailbox that
they all have access to that can also be accessed by management to monitor
performance and communications.

Recently, I set up a mailbox in our GAL and gave employees permission in
Outlook as delegates to read and send on its behalf. While a step up from
our previous distribution lists, it has its peculuarities including the
inability to store e-mail sent on behalf of the account in the account's sent
folder (it goes into the user's folder) and the lengthy "On Behalf of XYZ"
e-mail addresses.

Is there any way to maintain the single mailbox functionality, eliminate the
"On Behalf Of" e-mail addresses, store sent mail in a single folder
regardless of who sent it, and permit the operation of their individual
exchange e-mail accounts in tandem with the shared e-mail address?

Any assistance anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated