Workflow Event Sink Error 1546

Workflow Event Sink Error 1546

Post by Olaf Didsz » Wed, 20 Apr 2005 15:29:56

After moving the Exchange Server to a new machine, we have trouble with our
workflows. In the eventlog an error 1546 is logged with the text:

Workflow event sink error [event: OnTimer, URL:
<file://./backofficestorage/>]: Access
is denied.

In the properties of Component Services -> Computers -> My Computer -> Com+
Applications -> Workflow Event Sink -> Components -> CdoWfEvt.EventSink.1
"Enforce component level access checks" is checked.

Any good ideas?

Olaf Didszun

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Allen hello,

I am having the same issue on a 2003 EE installation with
sp1. I was wondering if you found a solution. Any help
would be great. I found one other reference article but
it seem to be from a year ago.


Bud Hatho

Folders/Contract Review/0QP70ZDRAA-08133062-AA.EML>]:
Access is denied.
workflow apps on Exchange 2000 Enterprise Edition SP3.
Enterprise Admins group in the forest root; the Exchange
server's domain. And it's only coming up for 134 out of
186 items in app 1 and only 438 out of 4003 in app 2.
Workflow Event Sink identity, both roles, the identity's
membership in Exchange Domain Servers. None of that has
changed. The server has also gone through a number of
service restarts and the error persists.
will step up to the plate.

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