Custom forms in public folders mapped to non-root folders

Custom forms in public folders mapped to non-root folders

Post by Tom Rizzo » Sat, 26 Feb 2005 10:25:09

Did you set the registry key enablefreedocs (I forget the exact location
where it needs to go)? That should hopefully fix your problem.


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I'm working on developing a custom Outlook form based on the message
template. I've added a combobox drop down for "State". Basically, this
form will be available on the Organizational level of the exchange
server and users will be able to select it, fill in the message body and
select a representative state (AR or AK or something like that) then
click send.
I ran into a problem with the fact that setting up a rule in the mailbox
creates a "client-only" situation. Since this mailbox is not open all
the time, I need the rule to be "server-based". The workaround I came
up with was to forward the message to a Public folder and use the Folder
Assistant to manage the message forwarding.
Here's my problem...When I go to 'Add Rule', 'Advanced', and 'Show
Selected Properties of..." and select the right form from the
Organizational level, then put a tick mark next to the "State" field,
the criteria doesn't save when I OK out of those screens. I get no
error message.

How can I forward messages from either the 'Inbox' or from this Public
folder based on this "State" field?

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