EDB File

EDB File

Post by Jeff » Fri, 21 Nov 2003 02:56:49

I'm posting this here because I know Exchange uses EDB
files too...

Does anyone know what file format an EDB file is? It is
located in a directory called ...\JetDB\ so it seems to
be a Jet database, but it doesn't have the usual MDB
extension and I can't open it in Access. I really need
to get at the data in here in an automated fashion
instead of manually exporting it from within the
application (Microsoft's Windows System Reseource

Any help is much appreciated.


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zq 's questions is just what I want to ask :-)

I am trying to read the exchange database files (un-mounted .edb files)
using the Extensible Storage Engine API.

I have been able to open a few tables like Mailbox table and one of its
columns with id = 0 and retrieved values like:
(E)MailBoxName or (7)CN=xx,CN=xx..,
but unable to get more out of it.Even the mSysObjects table column
id = 0 is returning empty values, and the Folders table is returning
some funny charachters for coulumn id = 0.

I cannot really interpret the contents, I want to get to the mails in
mailboxes. I need to know ;
1) From where I can get the schema of the .edb file of Exchange 2000 &
Exchange 2003 ?

2)Is there any catalog table from where i can get the info of other
tables in the edb file.
I have sucessfully opened the mSysObjects table and able to retrieve the
values of the column with id= 0 but the values are empty strings.

3)Is there any functions in the ESE API from where i can get the info of
the different columns and their names for a particular table in the .edb

4)Are there any alternatives of the ESE API to do this task of reading
un-mounted exchange databases?

5)Is there any comprehensive sample code (reference) to do reading
through mailboxes in an un-mounted .edb file using theESE API?

If you can answer any of these then it would be great.


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