Event Log Source Question

Event Log Source Question

Post by RGF2aWQgQS » Fri, 02 Dec 2005 01:41:09

I'm not sure if this question fits this category, but I am developing an
Event Sink so this is usually where I start. If there is a better location
feel free to point me in that direction.

The event sink is pretty complicated and needs to keep detailed logs. In
version 1 I logged to the event log but I'm thinking about changing to a
text file. Hopefully someone will be able to answer my questions.

1. What is the disk I/O performance difference between the Event Log and a
text file? The box is already under heavy disk strain and I don't want to
make it worse.

2. Where are the 'sources' for the event log stored. I would like to
create a new source for each user the first time they send a message through
the sink. Will creating 30,000 different event sources cause any problems?

Thank you for your time.