Event sink on public folder disables conflict messages

Event sink on public folder disables conflict messages

Post by Phil » Fri, 15 Oct 2004 22:17:33


I have developed an event sink with VB.Net. When I register this event
sink in a public folder conflict messages stop working for this

Usually the Exchange Server sends a conflict message to the modifiers
and owners of the public folder whenever an item is modified by two
persons at the same time.
Once I register my event sink in any public folder no more conflict
messages are created for the items in that folder but when someone
tries to save an item previously modified by someone else he only gets
an error message with the option to save a copy of the item.

This behavior is not working for us because we need to resolve the

I did not find any hint about this issue in MSDN and other sources on
the web so I tried almost anything to find the cause of that behavior.
I found out that it has nothing to do with the event sink registration
itself because I tried all the switches.
I also excluded the possibility that something within the event sink
itself could be the reason for this. To do this I took out all the
code from the COM Class and created an event sink that is just doing
Even with a simple event sink registration of a COM Class without any
useful code I get the same result. It makes no difference whether an
asynchronous or synchronous event is registered.

Does anybody know if this is a general problem?
Does the registration of event sinks somehow disable conflict
Is there a known problem registering COM Classes that are written in
Is there any chance to use both features on a public folder?

I would appreciate any help as I really don't know what to do about
this anymore.

Best Regards


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Von: "Sven Schlink" <Sven XXXX@XXXXX.COM >
Betreff: Exchange 2k Public Folders Read Unread Settings
Datum: Sonntag, 27. Juni 2004 12:46

Hi everyone,

i have a question concerning The Read / Unread Status on Public Folders.
In the Exchange System Manager it is possible to store The Read Unread
Status per User, so if the user opens the folder he sees the mails,
discussion etc which he read and which not,

Actually i want to have a setting, that a group of Persons see which Mails
are already read by someone, so thexy dont have to read them ....

I had the idea of an eventsink on the folders, but didnt get through ...

regards sven

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