Event Sink registration in folder not fully installing

Event Sink registration in folder not fully installing

Post by Outlook_de » Thu, 06 Apr 2006 04:36:41

I am quite familiar with Event Sinks, but at this one client site, using the
same DLL and the same setup I have used at many other places, I get this:

When going to add the Event Registration to the public folder, using either
REGEVENT or Exchange Explorer, an item is added to the folder. In Exchange
Explorer, it looks like an Event Registration with the right icon and has
the several of the fields that an Event Registration item should have, but
it is not complete. Many of the fields I normally see are not there (I mean
the fields that in the lower right hand pane in Exchange Explorer when you
highlight the item). The problem is that the registration item is visible in
the folder in Outlook. Also the registration does not work.

In other words, the Event Registration seems to only get partially created
and then something stops it. Very strange, and only at this one client. As I
said, I have used this DLL numerous times at other clients and it always
works. I know how to set up Event Sinks, having done literally hundreds or
more. But this one case is odd and just won't work right.

I have tried creating another public folder and registering it there, but
that has the same exact issue. So I am concluding that the folder is not the
problem, but something on the Exchange server.

They have an Exchange 2003 Server with SP2. Does anyone MSFT engineers have
an idea what might cause this?

Thank you.

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Beside of using the Workflow architecture I don't know of any other way to
get a read event. You could use WebDAV to subscribe to receive the read
event subscription notification, but WebDAV exposes other limitations.

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>> >> I've successfully created the typical AsyncSave and AsyncDelete event
sinks, >> but I need to trap an event whenever a mail item is OPENED FOR READ. I >> think I need a custom event sink... though WorkFlow documentation
indicates >> that they 'abstracted' the Read event from the Save and Delete. Any >> ideas???

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