Event sink stops working after a few days of not receiving events

Event sink stops working after a few days of not receiving events

Post by SmFtZXMgTG » Sat, 05 Feb 2005 15:59:02


I've got an OnSave sink registered with Exchange and in COM+ as a server
application. When I register it with Exchange it works correctly and doesn't
indicate any faults. However, if no mail is received on the particular folder
for a certain period of time, the sink fails to process any incomming
messages when they do arrive.

Does any body know if there are certain COM+ setting that need to be
modified or any other reason why this should stop working?

Thanks in advance


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Beside of using the Workflow architecture I don't know of any other way to
get a read event. You could use WebDAV to subscribe to receive the read
event subscription notification, but WebDAV exposes other limitations.

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>> >> I've successfully created the typical AsyncSave and AsyncDelete event
sinks, >> but I need to trap an event whenever a mail item is OPENED FOR READ. I >> think I need a custom event sink... though WorkFlow documentation
indicates >> that they 'abstracted' the Read event from the Save and Delete. Any >> ideas???

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